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Submitted on
August 31, 2012
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Sucked into a game: Minecraft!
Hetalia X reader
It was just an ordinary summer day, staying home and playing minecraft.
You didn't really plan to do anything else though.You couldn't think of a name for your world..
"hmmmm..." you thought for a while "I'll just name it something random!"
you type in the name for your world "Romatinian Panda..seems legit."
You giggle to yourelf when your friend calls "Hello?"You answer "Hey!"
Your friend says back "You should come to my house so we can hang out!" your friend says
you say"I'll try to!" "ok then Bye!" you hang up and start to walk out the door when
you hear someone chanting something. You shrug it off and open your door when theres a flash of
light and you are being sucked into your computer. You grab your doornob terrifed "WHAT THE HE-"
You are cut off and sucked into your computer...into Minecraft.

You can't belive what just happened "Im...Im dreaming...r-right?"you ask yourself
you pinch yourself "Ow...  well ive went insane haven't I?"
You come to a punch wood."might as well make a house..."
you continue untill you have four stacks of wood "Now i need some wool to make a bed before
the sun sets.." You quickly find a herd of sheep "Im sorry I need your wool..." you get three pieces
of wool. You craft all your wood and make a bed. "now i need a house.." you dig a hole in the side of a mountain
"Close enough for now" you place down your bed and make a furnence and some charcoal and make some torches>
You feel proud of your house. "now the door!" You make a door and place it down "the suns setting..."
You run in and close your door. You yawn "Well I think i need to sleep now...I'll get food tomarrow"
You fall asleep..
~~~~~(timeskip to the morning)~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You wake up to.....Talking? One of the voices says "Im glad we found this place for the night.." another voice
"that green thing was really scarey!" another voice "That's why you don't offer it pasta Italy..." the man sighs
"Well it looked friendly!" the man named Italy said. "idiot brother.." mostly because you have never seen people
in minecraft before, you stand up then scream "WHO ARE YOU? AND WHY ARE YOU HERE?" They jump up and the tall blonde
man said "ummm... Vell....Ve somehow appearred in this vorld and we needed shelter and ve found this.." the man
blushed while trying to figure out what really happened because he dosent know himself. "Vee~ We were chased by a
green monster! I tried to give it pasta... but it exploded.." Italy said. He was a little shorter than the first
man and has brown hair with a strange curl and a ambery-brown eyes. You giggle at how cute yet....stupid that idea give a
creeper...Pasta? "The green monster is called a creeper,I dont think it was a good idea to give it pasta.."
you say. Italy smiles "Make Pasta! not War!" You laugh at his quote "IDIOT BROTHER!" One man says, he looks alot
like Italy but grumpyier and darker hair and the strange curl was on the other side of his head. The last man wasnt really
talking but he was shorter than everyone and had black hair and dark brown eyes.

" what are your names?" you ask. Italy speaks up "Im Feliciano or Feli for short! *he points at the man who looks
like him* thats Romano! We are brothers!*then he points at the blonde man* Thats Doitsu! His real name is Ludwig!
*then he points at the last man* Thats Kiku!" he smiles. You smile back "At least I know your names! You guys can stay if you want!"
you like the thought of not having to be alone in this game "Are you sure you dont care?" Ludwig asks. "Of course! but only if you
help me gather some supplies!" you say. "Fair enough.." Ludwig says. You tell them a list of supplies you will need.
~~~~~(Ludwigs POV)~~~~~~~~
We already have most of the supplies all we need is food. "Vell now to get back to the base.." I say. Kiku says "I agree the sun is
going to go down in a little while..." "Ve~ that girl is pretty!" Feli says. I quickly turn red "You look like a tomato Germany!"
Feli says. Kiku blushes "I have to agree...." he says. Romano turns away and blushes deeply.

~~~~~~~(timeskip home)~~~~~~~~~~~
Ludwig knocks on the door. "Oh! You all are back!" you say while opening the door. Feli runs in and hugs you "ONE OF THOSE MONSTERS
CHASED ME AGAIN!" he starts crying. You blush a little and hug back "Well now your safe!" you say.
You take the meat they collected and start cooking it. "ve~ Im hungry..." Feli says. You giggle and say "Well some food is almost
ready!" you smile."umm did you hear that?" Romano said. You listin closely and hear a spider "I'll be right back!" you grab a sword
that you made while they were gone and walk outside and kill the spider. "Yay! string!" You grab the string and run inside and make
a fishing pole. "now we can get fish! I saw a ocelot out there earlier so now we can get a cat to chase the creepers away!" you say
exitedly. "I love cats!" Feli says happily.Then there was a knock at the door.
A minecraft Hetalia x Reader!
I do not own Hetalia!

part 2! [link]
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Fundip15 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
I'd like to help you with your writing a bit.
There are quit a few grammar mistakes. I'd suggest you run your story through a spell check and do a read through before you upload it. You need to remember it won't be perfect the first time you write it.
I'd also like to point out you started to use the axis' names before they told the reader. Your using third person POV aspects in a second Person POV story. To make it feel as if the reader is in the story he/she needs to act like this is what they are thinking and what they are noticing. I mean, you wouldn't automatically know someone's names as soon as you saw them.
And lastly, try to keep an eye on where you use the Axis' country and human names. You wouldn't know they were countries unless they told you. Maybe only use their country names when it's in the country's POV or when the reader is not around.
I hope this helped you!
The-OtakuHime Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
There are no words..
Lelouchu-san Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Omfg the countries acted like idiots. XD
AyaKaito Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
please join this site ~
AnimeBlaze59 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You sure, are frekin amazing. Two of my favorite things, Minecraft and Hetalia. Combined. Amazing.
IketheCOOL Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
Hinatathebloom1 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Loved it >w<
neigma Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Le cliffhanger...
Lunastar125 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My favorite anime. Crossed over with my favorite game. And it's a reader insert?!?!? My life is com
Lunastar125 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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